An automatic line MAT-500VPS allows to produce by the thermoforming of roll material EPS : trays, pallets, substrates made of foam polystyrene which are widely used for packaging of various food products, convenience foods, etc.



Machine specifications:

Climatic performance in accordance with
GOST 15150-69:
УХЛ 4.2
Degree of protection:
IP 3.0
Drive Type:
pneumatic, electric
КClass purity of the compressed air in accordance with GOST 17433:
not worse than 8
Power supply:
380V, 3F
Maximum power consumption:
23,0 kW
Average power consumption:
7,0 kW
Compressed air pressure:
5 - 10 bar
Maximum air consumption:
1,74 m3/min
Average (nominal) compressed air consumption:
1,6 m3/min
Type of coolant:
Multiturn cooling water cooler
Maximum consumption of coolant:
40 L/min
The method of heating the material:
Non-contact, two-sided
Molding method:
Punch-matrix, with evacuation
Method for separating the products:
Diversity cutting tools with cutting stacking
Types of manufactured products:
Negative, negative and positive
Maximum dimensions of manufactured products:
540 × 430 mm
Maximum depth of manufactured products:
60 mm
Plastics types:
Plastics thickness:
2,5 - 4,0 mm
Maximum width of plastics:
620 mm
Maximum roll diameter of plastics:
1500 mm
Maximum weight of a plastics roll:
Limited by size of the roll
14 - 22 cycles/min
Guaranteed load factor when changing tooling is not more than 1 time per week:
Overall dimensions (length × width × height):
6570 × 2510 × 2310 mm
2440 kg
Average changeover time:
2,5 hours


Package examples:

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