Automatic multifunctional vacuummolding machine MAT-400FFS

MAT-400FFS intended for packaging:
Food products like sausages, cheeses, biscuit products, cookies, etc
Non-food products like medical instruments, syringes, transfusion systems, bottles with a physiological saline, etc., and also with disposable medical products in both hard and soft envelope packaging adaptation possibility.

MAT-400FFS is a modular machine, which can be extended, depending on the customer's wishes.
MAT-400FFS machines – are high-performance multi-purpose machines, that equipped with special devices, which correspond to different production requirements, technical specifications, packed product features and can meet any packing requirements.

MAT-400FFS composition equipment:

  • envelope unwinding unit;
  • cover material unwinding unit;
  • supply unit;
  • molding unit;
  • stacking packaged products conveyor;
  • welding unit;
  • slitting unit;
  • cross cutting unit;
  • waste products winding unit;
  • packages conveyor;
  • bench;
  • pneumatic equipment;
  • remote control and electronics unit;
  • vacuum pump or vacuum generator.

Resupply possible options:

  • automatic dosing device or piece goods stacker;
  • dater (mechanical or electronic, depending on the customer's wishes).

Автор : btamedia

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